Gift Card Holders

gift card holders 3

Last weekend I made some paper holders for gift cards I plan to insert in greeting cards.  I ordered gift cards for a variety of stores from a friend’s brother whose daughter goes to a school that sells gift cards as a fundraising project. This worked out well for both of us as I didn’t have to buy all the cards separately and the school got a small percentage of the money back.

I had these two 6 inch by 6 inch double-sided 65# cardstock paper pads on hand so I used sheets from these pads to cut out the gift card holders. The pad on the left is “Bundled Up” by Alisha Gordon and the pad on the right is “Reflections Chrstmas” by Lori Whitlock. I used this snowflake gift card holder pattern from the Silhouette Design Store and sized it to fit a 6 inch by 6 inch sheet from the pad.

paper pad 2 paper pad 1

I had a hard time cutting out the snowflake pattern so I erased it from the design.  Then I changed the dashed lines used for folding to a smaller size line.  The cut-out pattern looked like this:

card holder cut out
I then placed a few pieces of double-sided tape along the bottom of the pattern and folded up the middle and left flap.  I then applied a think line of glue to seal the other flap.

gift card partially taped

The gift card peeks out of the top of the holder.  I then decorated one side of most of the holders.  I left a few holders plain since the papers looked nice on their own.

gift card holder with penguin

The cute penguin is from My Scrap Chick (I used the penguins by themselves from the gift card holder set).  I experimented with a few new Silhouette products for some of the embellishments.  I used the double-sided adhesive sheets to cut out “Joy” and then spread red glitter on top of the letters.  I also cut “Joy” and the leaping reindeer shown above out of the printable gold foil.  The nutcracker silhouettes shown above are from the Silhouette Design Store.  The Merry Christmas stamp is from Momenta (although I do not see it on their website).  I printed “Let it snow” on the Silhouette printable clear sticker paper.  The “Let it Snow” words and the tree are both from the Free SVG Blog.

git card holders 1 gift card holders 2

The only thing that made this project go slowly for me is that the Silhouette foil and sticker paper sheets didn’t feed into my printer very well.  My printer should be able to handle these sheets so I’m going to try the sheets again on a different project.

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season.  My next task is to bake a batch of these easy and delicious White Chocolate Pumpkin Snickerdoodle cookies.



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