Photo Ornaments


IMG_4214 (3)

After seeing cute photo ornaments on Pinterest I was inspired to make ornaments to give to friends and family for Christmas.  The ornaments are relatively inexpensive and easy to make.  The project has given me the opportunity to reflect on the enjoyable times I spent this year with the recipients.

IMG_4204 (3)

I used a clear plastic craft ornament I purchased at Michael’s that is similar to this one.  I chose flat ornaments so that I would have less space in the center to fill.  The ornament shown in the picture is about 3 inches wide.

I copied the pictures to a Word document for cropping and sizing.  Through trial and error I found that the ideal picture size to be 3 inches wide and about 2.2 inches high.  I typed a caption on top of the picture (not included in the 2.2 inches.)  I printed the pictures on photo paper, cut them out and rounded the corners using a Fiskars punch.  I printed two pictures for each ornament.  (or used clip art if I didn’t have two pictures)

IMG_4205 (3)

Next I filled up the bottom of the ornament with artificial snow flakes.  I used a funnel and put the ornament in a box but I still made a mess when the funnel tipped over.

IMG_4207 (2)

IMG_4206 (2)

Then I rolled up the picture tight enough to fit through the top opening and pushed it into the ornament.

IMG_4208 (2)

IMG_4209 (2)

I used a Silhouette tool to unroll and straighten the picture.

IMG_4210 (2)

After inserting the second picture on the other side I pushed white crinkle paper into the middle of the ornament between the two pictures.  The crinkle paper holds the pictures in place.


I finished the ornament with a bow and ribbon.  Here are a few other ornaments I made this month.    IMG_4214 (2)





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