Shaker Elements for Cards

Hello.  I wanted to share a quick method I discovered for making shaker-type decorations using clear vinyl and Silhouette double-sided adhesive sheets.  I originally purchased the clear vinyl at Hobby Lobby in the fabric area to make these cute pouches with vinyl cut-outs.  Then I got side-tracked making these shaker decorations with the vinyl.  I am excited about making the shaker decorations with other shapes for birthday cards and other holidays.

Here’s a step-by-step description for making the shaker decorations:

First, here is the finished product so you know what we are working toward:

Heart shaker 1

The supplies I used were Silhouette double-sided adhesivedouble-sided adhesive clear vinyl, a background paper and paper for the frame on top.




Clear vinyl







The first step is to cut out four hearts.  Going from left to right in the photo below, the first heard is the background paper, second is the double-sided adhesive frame, third is the clear vinyl (on top of pink paper so I can see it) and the fourth is the top frame.  In the Silhouette Cameo software I used the offset feature to make the frames from a heart shape.

Heart shaker 5

Next place your shiny decorations (sequins, hearts, stars) in the middle of the background paper.  I grouped them in the center so they wouldn’t get caught in the adhesive.  Then peel off one side of the adhesive heart frame and stick it to the edge of the background paper.  Then peel off the other side of the adhesive and stick the clear vinyl on top so that the vinyl covers the shiny decorations.  The adhesive is sticky and the vinyl is difficult to see.  If your pieces don’t line up perfectly don’t worry about it.  You can always trim the decoration at the end with scissors.

Heart shaker 2

Finally use a Tape Glider or other tape adhesive to glue the frame paper on top.  (I tried using Martha Stewart gel adhesive but it wouldn’t stick to the vinyl.)  I then shook the decoration to disperse the shiny decorations in a nice pattern.

Heart shaker 1

I used these shaker decorations on my Valentine cards.

Valentine shaker red

Valentine shaker pink

The paper used in the pink card is Stamped Hearts from the Paper Studio.  The background paper in the red card is from My and My Big Ideas.   The “love with straight arrow” design is by Jamie Cripps.   For the red card I used the Sizzix embossing folder French Script.  









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