Tea Dispenser

My yoga teacher is leaving to pursue a career in computers.  She is a very patient  yoga teacher (I’m not flexible or good at balancing) and a nice person so I wanted to make her a going-away gift.  I used paper, a computer printer and a Silhouette Cameo cutting machine to make her a tea bag dispenser.  I personalized the dispenser on the sides with figures doing yoga poses and with her name.

I found the paper flower in my drawer of miscellaneous decorations.  The flower says “Make It Happen.”  You can add tea bags to the dispenser through the top or through the flap on the bottom.

I used Silhouette printable patterns to decorate the dispenser.  I particularly like the pattern with the hot air balloons.  I’m sure I will be using that pattern again.

Supplies used:

Tea Dispenser Silhouette cut file

Yoga figures 1

Yoga figures 2

Printable pattern flowers

Printable pattern balloons

Paper Flower from Michael’s.  On package it says Summer, Doodle Dee.

Font for name: Mochary

Thanks for reading.  I hope you have a beautiful day.






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